School Principal Message

Mr R A Patil

Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan once remarked, “School is the place where silent, social revolution is always going on”. Every child is a fountainhead of potential, which we at Kendriya Vidyalaya Bambolim Camp recognize and respect. It is our responsibility to nurture the creative spirit inherent in every child. A variety of facilities and opportunities are provided to our children so that they may hone their skills and maximize their potential. The ability to produce work of superlative nature is our aim
We are committed to continuous improvement in creating a learning environment that enhances values, self-esteem, responsibility and accountability in partnership with parents. We are an inclusive, caring school where staff, parents and students from diverse backgrounds work together in the shaping of young lives. The school has started ‘Pustakopahar Drive’. The students are motivated to gift their text-books to their juniors on the very day the result is announced. The students do this willingly and spread the lesson of ‘sharing is caring’. Good work is not only recognized here but is also rewarded. Be it full attendance, best uniformed, honesty…….et al. We, at KV Bambolim Camp have implemented all the directives of the KVS in all sincerity. Be it Tarunotsava, Swachh Vidyalaya, Green Vidyalaya and the like. We take immense pride in announcing that the school has won the 3rd prize in ‘Cleanliness Drive’.
The school has had a very glorious past. We take pride in our alumni who are shining in various fields like Engineering, Medicine, Defence Forces, Business, Fashion, Administration and the like. It is an appeal to them to remain in touch with their Alma Mater and stand by the present generation as their motivating and guiding light. We aspire to have a brighter future, for the foundation laid by the ‘students of the past’ is but mile stones to reaching the destination.
Please stay updated with all our activities, events and achievements at our website, Facebook page and YouTube Channel. We cherish our association with family, friends and well-wishers.

Mr R A Patil